National emissions cap for the ESR sectors. Elaboration of policy instruments providing safeguards for climate targets
February 2024
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Carbon budget aviation
Januari 2024
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Updated sieve study for SDE++ subsidy round 2024. Cost-effective alternatives to CCS
January 2024
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Ex-post evaluation of energy efficiency covenants MJA3 and MEE. Period 2013-2020 with a window to the entire implementation period
September 2023
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4i-TRACTION: Case study: Integrated Infrastructure Planning
May 2023
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Inventory of additional climate policies. Amsterdam 2030
January 2023
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4i-TRACTION: Climate policies for the 2020s
December 2022
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Additionality of renewable electricity for green hydrogen production in the EU
October 2022
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Speeding up the decarbonisation of European industry. Assessment of national and EU policy options
August 2022
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Methane reduction potential in the EU. Between 2020 and 2030
June 2022
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