Cans collected under the deposit system in the Netherlands
March 2022
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A deposit on cans. Research in preparation for legislation
Juli 2020
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Deposits on small plastic bottles. Impacts of legislative options
Januari 2019
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Costs and benefits of deposits on cans and small bottles
Augustus 2017
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Introduction of a deposit on one-way beverage packaging: an impact analysis
November 2015
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The cost of deposit-refund schemes for large PET bottles
Maart 2014
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Factsheets on transport nitrogen measures
April 2020
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Promising interventions to reduce single-use plastics
Oktober 2019
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Environmental impact analysis of the Dutch Framework Agreement on Packaging
Mei 2015
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Strategic Impact Assessment on ‘A4 Passage en Poorten & Inprikkers’
Mei 2012
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