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Pelle Sinke

Pelle Sinke

Today's food system has a major impact on climate, nitrogen emissions and land and water use. That system can be made far more sustainable! Some of my research at CE Delft is on innovative proteins like cultured meat.

About Pelle

Expertise/interests: LCA, food production, feedstock cycles, innovative technology, product design

I’ve been with CE Delft’s Supply Chain Analysis sector March 2019, where I’m involved mainly in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of a broad range of product and services. As part of the core team working on food supply chains, I contribute to all kinds of analyses in the realm of sustainable food production and consumption, from company footprints to methodological reviews and strategic advice to government. What I enjoy most of all are LCAs on innovative production processes (like cultured meat, for example) and closed-loop feedstock cycles.

During my bachelor’s in Engineering, Design and Innovation (BEng) I worked on product design and manufacture. This I supplemented with a theoretical grounding and critical analytical skills during my master’s in Industrial Ecology (MSc) at Delft Technological University and Leiden University, where I graduated with a thesis on an LCA of tempeh production in Indonesia. These studies allowed me to develop a systems perspective, honed through practical experience as well as a deeper grasp of theoretical issues – an essential combination for getting to grips with tough sustainability issues.

In my work at CE Delft I hope to improve our knowledge base to help speed up sustainable transitions and, of course, to keep on learning in this magnificent field of work.

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January 2023
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November 2021
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