Status document on bio-energy, 2011

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CE Delft was commissioned by NL Agency to help update the Dutch status document on bio-energy with data for the year 2011. This document provides an overview of the amount of energy derived from biomass, a description of the current bio-energy policy framework and a discussion of the extent to which the Netherlands is on track for securing European renewable energy targets.

The status document shows there has been a slight increase in the share of bio-energy in overall energy consumption as well as in the total amount of renewable energy generated (which now stands at a little over 4% of gross final consumption). The question, however, is whether this growth is sufficient to meet the European target of 14% renewables in 2020. The limited growth is due partly to the decrease in the amount of energy generated in the category ‘other incineration’. In addition, there was a decline in the physical delivery of transport biofuels because certain types of fuel  can be ‘double-counted’ in the records, although they do not contribute to the 14% target.

the report (Dutch)

Authors CE

Geert Bergsma
Anouk van Grinsven
Benno Schepers

Delft, May 2012