Refuelling and charging requirements Clean Energy Hubs

There is a clear need for additional publicly accessible charging points for 14,000-17,000 battery-electric trucks by 2030. This number is needed both because of the upcoming EU Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), which sets requirements by the EU on the number of charging facilities along major roads, and because of the upcoming EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED III), which sets requirements on the quantity of alternative fuels producers must offer.

The amount of infrastructure required by REDIII and AFIR are quite similar, but AFIR is slightly more ambitious with regard to rest areas. The charging facilities required by AFIR are linked to specific locations, such as certain major roads, urban nodes and rest areas. To comply with AFIR requirements, the government considers it important that charging facilities are preferably constructed at these locations.

More HVO and bio-LNG will also be refuelled by road transport and inland navigation by 2030. While infrastructure for this is already in place, additional infrastructure may be needed depending on the size of HVO’s role. Current diesel and LNG refuelling infrastructure can be used for this.

RED III also has strong ambitions to deploy renewable hydrogen in transport. It is still uncertain what role road transport and inland navigation will play in meeting these targets. In any case, AFIR requirements will necessitate the addition of a limited number of hydrogen refuelling points.

The Clean Energy Hubs (CEH) programme focuses on creating a nationwide network of refuelling and charging stations for heavy road transport and inland navigation. CEH asked CE Delft to investigate how many charging and filling points are expected to be needed to meet these European and national policy targets by 2030. The report uses different scenarios to highlight the task for public refuelling and charging infrastructure in each province. In all scenarios, a strong increase in publicly accessible charging points appears to be necessary.