Emissions of (bio)LPG and other energy carriers in domestic heating, BBQs and forklift trucks. Country report: Belgium

This study, commissioned by Primagaz Belgium N.V., reports the carbon footprint and air-pollutant emissions of use of (bio)LPG in three applications in Belgium: domestic heating, BBQs and forklift trucks, and compares them with those of alternative energy carriers. For this comparison a life cycle assessment (LCA) approach was applied. The carbon footprint calculations take in the production, transport and end-use of the energy carrier and production of the end-use technology. For the air-pollutant emissions, only the end-use emissions were included, encompassing six pollutants: CO, VOC, NOx, SOx, PM2.5 and PM10. To enable comparison of energy carriers, a single but different functional unit was used for each of the applications.