Environmental Prices Handbook EU28 version

Environmental prices are prices for the social cost of pollution, expressed in Euros per kilogram pollutant. Environmental prices indicate the loss of economic welfare that occurs when one additional kilogram of the pollutant finds its way into the environment. The loss in human health, ecosystem services and quality of buildings and materials that is caused by pollution is captured in a single monetary unit that can be used in social cost-benefit analysis, environmental profit and loss accounts and as a weighting factor in lifecycle analysis.

The present EU28 version of the Environmental Prices Handbook provides a description of the methodological choices that have been made in the calculation of these prices and comes up with examples how they can be used. Environmental prices in this handbook provide average values for the EU28 emissions from an average emission source at an average emission site in the year 2015 for over 500 pollutants. The methodology used in this Environmental Prices Handbook is designed to harmonize the values at pollutant, midpoint and endpoint level, to achieve consistent valuation of the impacts of pollution in the EU28.

The webtool is only available for Dutch Environmental Prices.