Follow-up study Green gas blending requirement. Feasibility and Affordability

The cabinet intends to significantly scale up the production of green gas. Because current policy instruments are inadequate for this purpose, a blending obligation for green gas was announced in the coalition agreement. In early 2022, CE Delft conducted a study on the feasibility and design of the blending obligation on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (Economische Zaken en Klimaat). In the past year, there have been numerous changes in the green gas industry. In addition, new policy insights were gained and supplementary issues emerged.

In this follow-up study, we update all the figures, elaborate on the interaction with deployment in the form of bio-LNG in the transportation market, and elaborate on various options for policy instrument flexibility such as a buy-out option (buy-in).

Kamerbrief (Only available in Dutch)
Rapport Bijmengverplichting groen gas 2022 (Only available in Dutch)