Green gas production scenario analysis for 2030

The Netherlands aims to produce 2 billion m³ of green gas by 2030. To gain more insight into the development of green gas by 2030, CE Delft and New Energy Coalition conducted an exploratory study for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat), the Association of Provincial Authorities (Interprovinciaal Overleg), VNG (Association of Netherlands Municipalities) (Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten), the Association of Regional Water Authorities (Unie van Waterschappen), Netbeheer Netherlands (Netbeheer Nederland) and the Green Gas Platform (Platform Groen Gas). The study explores the possible development of the number of green gas installations, locations of installations and green gas production volumes in the Netherlands by 2030, which provides input for network analyses of gas network operators and insights for the ministry, provinces and municipalities for the development of green gas policies.


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