Groningen Airport Eelde subsidiary study. Second opinion regarding the social cost-benefit analysis (MKBA) and review of the NXT Airport plan

There is considerable debate about the economic case for expanding regional airports. Along with potential benefits to the regional economy and the accessibility of the region, there are social disadvantages for local residents, the environment and the climate such as noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. In this context, several studies have been conducted for Groningen Airport Eelde (GAE), including social cost-benefit analyses (SCBAs). Provincial Councils were also briefed on the merits of the plans to expand GAE.

CE Delft conducted two studies for the Northern Audit Office (Noordelijke Rekenkamer), which are combined in this report:

  1. A second opinion of the 2016 MKBA of GAE airport (Ecorys, 2016).The key question is: ‘To what extent did the 2016 MKBA give a complete and accurate picture of the relevant social impact at the time?’A scenario study to generate more insight into the quality, substantiation, reliability[1] and plausibility of GAE’s future plans. The NXT Airport plan(an elaboration of the airport’s own recent vision of the future) was used as a basis for this.
  2. The key question in this part of the study is: ‘To what extent do these plans reveal promising future prospects?’

These studies form the basis for the Northern Audit Office’s investigation into GAE.