Offshore wind versus biomass co-incineration: a quick scan of economic value

Co-incineration of biomass in conventional power stations is currently cheaper than offshore wind power. By the year 2025, though, both forms of renewable energy  are expected to be similarly priced. Because offshore wind yields more added value for the Dutch economy and employment than biomass co-incineration, it would seem more logical to earmark more of the funds under the SDE renewable energy subsidy scheme for the former. 

At the request of the Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment (Natuur & Milieu) CE Delft compared the two generating options to assess how the Netherlands can boost use of renewable energy in the economically wisest manner in the years ahead. This issue is also to be discussed in upcoming consultations under the umbrella of the Netherlands Social and Economic Council (SER), where a new national energy agreement is to  be hammered out.