Regional Vision Parkstad Limburg. Opportunities for 5th generation district heating and cooling

5th generation district heating and cooling (5GDHC) is an innovative, demand-driven form of district heating, operating at low temperatures. In the context of the European D2Grids project, which aims  to accelerate the rollout of 5GDHC networks, CE Delft has studied the potential for 5GDHC in Parkstad Limburg.

This study involved a multi-criteria analysis to assess all neighbourhoods in Parkstad Limburg to determine which neighbourhoods are most suitable for implementing 5GDHC technology. Two regions were selected based on the multi-criteria analysis; one in the proximity an existing 5GDHC network and one further away from existing district heating. The selected regions are the Heerlen Centrum district, consisting of four neighbourhoods in the centre of Heerlen, and two neighbourhoods in the municipality of Kerkrade (Rolduckerveld and Holz).

A local action plan will be prepared for these two regions.

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