Sustainability policy of the own business operations of the Municipality of IJsselstein

The Municipality of IJsselstein is committed to becoming a CO2-neutral municipal organisation by 2030. The Municipality proposes to serve as an example in this regard. CE Delft studied the implementation of this goal for the audit office of the Municipality of IJsselstein. We studied the policies of the Municipality regarding own property, own mobility, own waste streams, procurement and public lighting.

Our study shows that the implementation of these policies is fragmented, unmonitored and depends largely on the personal enthusiasm of the employees involved. In addition, it appears that the funds available are often inadequate to start implementing large-scale energy measures.

We recommend that, from now on, annual progress information be provided to the council about achieving the goal, and that efforts be made to both implement and safeguard the policy. To achieve this, it is necessary to start the decision-making process for making sufficient funds available. In addition, the Municipality of IJsselstein had a sustainability policy until 2020. We recommend that this policy is evaluated and that the needs of the organisation to safeguard a better policy are considered, as promised earlier.

These recommendations were adopted by the IJsselstein municipal council on 7 July 2022.

The full report of the municipal audit office can be found here.