Sustainability Roadmap for the municipality of Haarlem

The municipality of Haarlem is committed to becoming a CO2-neutral city. For the municipality of Haarlem, CE Delft has assessed the extent to which current policy is helping to achieve this goal, what challenges lie ahead and how these challenges can be met. This report also explicitly considers the emissions from purchasing, which are called Scope 3 emissions.

Haarlem does not yet meet the targets of the Climate Agreement. The challenge lies mainly in emissions from the living and working environment. Haarlem needs to achieve a 51% reduction in CO2 by 2030 to be in line with the targets of the Climate Agreement. Our calculations show that Haarlem will achieve an overall 40% reduction in emissions by 2030 compared to 2017, with a reduction range of 30% to 52%.

The biggest differences between the goals and the 2030 estimate are in the reduction of CO2 emissions from natural gas consumption in the living and working transition paths. The goal for the mobility transition path is expected to be met, although the range indicates that this is far from certain.

The next stage: Based on the roadmap, Haarlem has formulated additional action to be taken to expedite and achieve the targets of the Climate Agreement. These are specified further in the roadmap.

Sustainability Roadmap of the municipality of Haarlem