Technical-economic analysis of Wassenaar’s Heat Transition Vision

Wassenaar aspires to be CO2 neutral by 2050. To achieve this goal, homes and other buildings in Wassenaar will need to be heated in a sustainable manner. The municipality has therefore prepared a ‘Transition Vision Heat’ (TVW). In the TVW, which was adopted by the municipal council on 16 November 2021 (link), the municipality of Wassenaar formulates steps aimed at making the built environment natural gas-free.

CE Delft has supported the municipality of Wassenaar in the process of preparing a TVW by carrying out a techno-economic analysis. We looked into the potential for natural gas-free heating from a technical-economic perspective. To this end, we conducted an analysis of existing heat sources and the costs and spatial impact of natural gas-free heating options. We also prepared a perspective for action for residents who want to start making their homes more sustainable now.

CE Delft was also involved in the participatory process to ensure that the techno-economic analysis is a good fit.