Spatial exploration of CO₂ transport and storage: situation mid-2021
December 2021
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The social value of green gas. Case studies for mobility, industry and built environment
October 2021
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Green gas for the built environment. Knowledge document for the municipality of Nijmegen
September 2021
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Opportunities for hydrogen in Limburg industry – Feasibility study
August 2021
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Technical-economic analysis of Wassenaar’s Heat Transition Vision
July 2021
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Jobs from investment in green hydrogen. Update and extension
April 2021
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IJVERGAS. Feasibility of hydrogen generation on a multifunctional island at IJmuiden Ver
June 2020
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Hydrogren in Vesta-MAIS. Modelling parameters
April 2020
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Beyond gas. Prospects for two new concepts: Low-Temperature Geothermal and the ‘Minewater’ smart thermal grid
Juni 2019
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Impacts of socialising the costs of gas grid disconnection
Maart 2019
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