Regional Energy Strategies for Noord-Holland province

To structure the energy transition in the Netherlands the country has been split into regions, each of which has been tasked with drawing up a Regional Energy Strategy (RES). As part of a consortium with APPM, TAUW, DECISIO and Generation.Energy, CE Delft has been supporting North Noord-Holland and South Noord-Holland in developing their RES since 2018.

Over the past few years CE Delft has contributed to this effort in a variety of ways, focusing on a very broad range of issues: from mediating initial brainstorming sessions with municipal officials, supporting stakeholder sessions and municipal council sessions to substantive responsibility for energy scenario calculations.

Last year, between publication of the draft RES and RES 1.0, CE Delft supported RES region North Noord-Holland on elaborating plans for a regional heat structure and carried out supplementary studies for both regions on the overall coherence of the entire regional energy system.

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