Inventory of additional climate policies. Amsterdam 2030
January 2023
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Social costs and benefits of advanced aviation fuels
December 2022
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Low-Carbon Hydrogen from Natural Gas: Global Roadmap
August 2022
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Summary assessment of the status of floating powerplants
July 2022
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CCS ZEEF study & methodology review for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
January 2022
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Spatial exploration of CO₂ transport and storage: situation mid-2021
December 2021
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Opportunities for hydrogen in Limburg industry – Feasibility study
August 2021
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Comparison of CO2 and air pollutant emissions of MARPOL Annex VI compliance options in 2020
May 2021
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CO2 reduction with the Circular Biobased Delta
December 2020
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Cost-effective alternatives to CCS. An analysis of the possible role of CCS in four industrial sectors
Oktober 2020
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