Climate impact of reusable and single-use specula. Life cycle assessment (LCA) screening for UMC Utrecht
October 2022
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Impact of the CO2 Performance Ladder on municipalities
September 2022
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The environmental costs of catering in a hospital. Calculation of external costs of a year of catering
september 2022
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Guidelines for monitoring and contractual guarantee of sustainable procurement. Recommendations to government on improved organisation of monitoring and contractual guarantee of sustainable procurement
October 2021
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Single-use or reusable parturition set? An environmental comparison for UMC Utrecht
July 2021
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Calculations on Zaans Climate Agreement 2.0. Status of Zaanstad’s CO2 emissions and impact of initiatives and policy measures
February 2021
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Methodology for sustainable tendering of waste
Januari 2021
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Towards more sustainable artificial grass
September 2020
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Measuring the impact of circular procurement of workwear
Juni 2020
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Life cycle assessment of three types of passenger cars. Petrol, battery-electric and hydrogen cars compared
Mei 2020
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