‘Circular Zuid-Holland’ State-of-the-art reports on Microplastics, Circular solar panels and Natural waste streams

In the economy of Zuid-Holland province knowledge plays a pivotal role and against this background CE Delft has drawn up a series of ‘State-of-the Art Reports’ providing concise reviews of specific issues as a basis for strategic thinking and conceptualisation when it comes to the transition to a circular economy. These reports are being used to lay the foundations for the Transition agendas on individual themes being drawn up by Zuid-Holland provincial executive. The themes are currently as follows:

  1. Microplastics
  2. Circular solar panels
  3. Natural waste streams
  4. Biobased construction

The State-of-the-art report on microplastics deals among other things with the sources and varieties of microplastics and ways to prevent their diffusion into the environment.

The report on circular solar panels deals with the projected volume of end-of-life panels in Zuid-Holland province around 2035, the scarce resources they contain, panel recycling and organisation of panel collection.

The report on natural waste streams deals with the various technologies available for processing the waste arising from park and roadside maintenance and suchlike, including not only traditional composting but also the new bokashi technique and reviewing differences in environmental impact and other key parameters.

The State-of-the-art report on biobased construction clusters and analyses the bottlenecks, discusses cooperation and discusses topics in detail: calculation rules for CO2 storage in biobased material and the strengthening of biobased procurement.



Design and illustrations by Yulia Kryazheva from Yulia Ink.