Factsheet on electricity and heat for RES submissions

At the request of the National Programme, Regional Energy Strategy (NPRES) CE Delft has carried out an objective review of sustainable electricity and heat technologies, covering those of relevance for Regional Energy Strategy submissions. This document provides further details on these submissions, information on relevant concepts, key data on each technology, and additional information and literature for further reading.

The factsheets have been put to and cross-checked with the ministry of Economic Affairs, ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Association of Netherlands Provincial Authorities (IPO), Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG), Association of Water Boards, the Dutch Renewable Energy Association (NVDE) and grid operators.

Factsheet on Heat (Dutch): Alles wat je moet weten over warmte | Regionale Energiestrategie (

Factsheet on Electricity (Dutch): Alles wat je moet weten over elektriciteit | Regionale Energiestrategie (