Integral impact analysis. National Energy Infrastructure Programme 2023

CE Delft, together with Pondera, conducted an integrated impact analysis (IEA) of the energy system in 2050 as part of the National Energy Infrastructure Programme of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat). An analysis of the likely use of space for the infrastructure needed to connect supply and demand in the period 2030-2050 was carried out for electricity, hydrogen and other gases. The goal of PEH is to reserve capacity for this energy infrastructure in a timely manner. The PEH includes three types of statements: on reservations, including existing reservations, spatial development directions and generic policies. These statements deal with the required energy infrastructure programme for electricity, fuel substances (raw materials, hydrogen, CO2, methane) and heat (supra-regional heat networks). PEH provides the framework for and is developed into projects for the realisation of the energy infrastructure programme. These include:

  • high-voltage connections (overhead and underground);
  • pipelines (underground);
  • point infrastructure (high-voltage substations, controllable power plants, electrolysers, hydrogen import terminals, hydrogen storage and batteries).

The annexes can be found here (only available in Dutch).

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